Study on Daily Activity Pattern of Captive Lion (Panthera leo) in Siantar Zoo, North Sumatra, Indonesia

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Journal Article
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D. A. S. Siahaan, K. Berliani, A. Hartanto, H. M. M. Tanjung, Nurbayti,
Journal of Physics: Conference Series
IOP Publishing
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1742-6588 1742-6596

The present study investigated diurnal or daily activity patterns of an individual captive lion (Panthera leo) in Siantar Zoo, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Behavioral observations of 70 hours in 10-days observation were analyzed descriptively for common Felidae behaviors identified using a standardized Felidae ethogram. The methodology used was focal animal sampling with continuous sampling of data record or 5-minute sampling periods. We reported that the captive lion allocated the most time budgets in inactive behavior or sleeping with the percentage of 62.88% or 2,604 minutes. Incidence of pacing as stereotypic behavior was documented in low percentage or 4.46% within the duration of or 189 minutes in our study. The dominant sleeping behavior may be considered as normal to captive Felidae in many zoos while some consideration upon their effect to visitor may be evaluated in the future study. Dynamic condition of display cage may be enriched to trigger better behavior related to welfare implications on the captive lion.


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