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Horse Husbandry and Preventive Health Practices in Australia: An Online Survey of Horse Guardians
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Journal Article
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Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
Little is known about the horse health management practices of Australian horse caregivers (owners). This article presents findings from a convenience sample of 505 horse owners who participated in an online survey. No large-scale welfare issues were identified, but there were some areas of potential concern, including owners who did not regularly deworm their horses (4%), a lack of strategic parasite control (3.1%), and a lack of regular dental care (11%). Several participants did not have their horse’s hooves regularly shod or trimmed (2%), and 14% had an unqualified person maintain their horse’s hooves. One in five owners (19%) did not vaccinate their horses against tetanus. The findings are discussed in relation to current Australian horse health guidelines and traditional sources of horse health information, together with recommendations for providing horse owners with relevant information in relevant forms.