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Data on thermal infrared imaging in laboratory non-human primates: Pleasant touch determines an increase in nasal skin temperature without affecting that of the eye lachrymal sites
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Data in Brief
The data described here relate to the article entitled “The effect of pleasant touch on nose skin temperature, heart rate and heart rate variability: preliminary results in a male laboratory rhesus monkey” (Grandi and Heinzl, 2016) [1]. The cited paper and article here present additional material which represents the first evidence of the effect of pleasant touch in non-human primates in terms of skin temperature change, as recorded by means of infrared thermography. The sweep is considered a pleasant touch for monkeys. Here we forward preliminary evidence concerning the modulation of the eye lachrymal site temperature while a monkey received sweeps to the back from a familiar experimenter, and at different speeds (Grandi and Heinzl, 2016) [1].