GAPs in the study of zoo and wild animal welfare

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20285.abs To investigate the science of animal welfare for zoo and wild animals in the period from 1966 to 2007, we conducted a bibliometric analysis of abstracts downloaded from The Web of Science© database using the keyword combination “Animal welfare, Zoo* and wild” in the topic field. In total we downloaded 1,125 abstracts, which […]

Characteristics of Animals Used in Zoo Interpretation

Most research on the use of animals in zoo interpretation focuses on visitor knowledge and attitude change, with little emphasis on the characteristics of the animals used as interpretive tools. A synthesis of research was conducted to: (a) identify the characteristics of animals used as teaching tools in zoo interpretation and (b) determine the usefulness […]

Visual body condition scoring in zoo animals – composite, algorithm and overview approaches

Various body condition scoring (BCS) methods have been developed as management tools in zoo animal husbandry. In contrast to BCS for farm animals, where visual and palpable features are used, these protocols are mainly restricted to visual cues. Considering their inherent subjectivity, such methods face scepticism as their reliability is questioned. In terms of their […]