The Choice Behaviour of Pigs in a Y Maze: Effects of Deprivation of Feed, Social Contact and Bedding

We examined effects of deprivation of feed, social contact and bedding on the choice behaviour in Y maze tests. Eighty pigs were used to study two main effects: feed (estimated voluntary feed intake (VFI) vs. 70% VFI) and bedding (presence vs. absence), experiment 1; social contact (full vs. restricted) and bedding (presence vs. absence), experiment […]

Investigations on Training, Recall and Reversal Learning of a Y-Maze by Dwarf Goats (Capra hircus): The Impact of Lateralisation

We investigated maze learning in dwarf goats (Capra hircus) and the impact of lateralisation on learning. Lateralisation refers to the collection of phenomena in which external stimuli are perceived and processed differentially on the two sides of the brain and/or certain behaviours are preferentially performed by one side of the body. We trained 29 dwarf […]

Pair-bonding and companion recognition in domestic donkeys, Equus asinus

Pair and social bonding has been documented in various taxa, where pair formations are often described as being driven by kinship or sexual motivation. However, pair-bonding between unrelated individuals where sexual motivation is not a factor is not well documented. Many social relationships and pair-bonds between members of a dyad are facilitated by each individual’s […]