Duikers: Native food composition, micronutrient assessment, and implications for improving captive diets

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10037.abs This review summarizes and contrasts published information on the proximate chemical composition of native fruits and leaves eaten by duikers, and adds new data concerning the soluble carbohydrate, mineral, and tannin content of duiker foods. Information on circulating plasma concentrations of minerals and the fat-soluble vitamins A and E is also summarized in […]

Nutrition and health in amphibian husbandry

Amphibian biology is intricate, and there are many inter-related factors that need to be understood before establishing successful Conservation Breeding Programs (CBPs). Nutritional needs of amphibians are highly integrated with disease and their husbandry needs, and the diversity of developmental stages, natural habitats, and feeding strategies result in many different recommendations for proper care and […]