Zoo visitor knowledge and attitudes towards gorillas and chimpanzees

The authors conducted an evaluation of visitor knowledge and conservation attitudes toward African apes at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. Using S. R. Kellert’s and J. Dunlap’s (1989) analysis of zoo visitor knowledge and attitudes as a model, they modified and administered a survey to 1,000 visitors to the ape facility. On average, visitors correctly answered […]

Investigating the impact of large carcass feeding on the behavior of captive Andean condors (Vultur gryphus) and its perception by zoo visitors

Naturalistic feeding methods, such as the provision of whole carcasses to zoo animals, are potentially controversial because zoo visitors might not approve of them. However, since several species of zoo animals feed from large carcasses in the wild, this food type could benefit their welfare in captivity compared to other less-natural food types. Scavengers in […]