Attitudes of veterinarians and veterinary students to recommendations on how to improve dog and cat welfare in veterinary practice

The veterinary profession is an ambassador for the welfare of animals, but the visit to a veterinary practice is in itself stressful for many animals. A multitude of recommendations how to reduce stress during a visit to the veterinarian is available, but they are often not implemented in practice. Therefore, the aim of this study […]

The practicing veterinarian and animal welfare as a human endeavour

Animal welfare is a human responsibility and an ethical matter which is decided by people concerned about animals. The human factor in practice could thus play an important part in the way veterinarians are involved in animal welfare issues in their practices. In order to understand the human side of practice, it could be analyzed […]

Animal welfare in practice

Too often, veterinary services in practice are perceived as making a diagnosis, applying or administering effective treatment and that recovery from a disease or injury is an indication of success. However, to be fully responsive to their patients’ welfare, veterinarians should view each patient in the context of its total environment. Enhancing animal welfare and […]

Economics and animal welfare in small animal veterinary practice: the case of genetic welfare problems

Veterinary practice is subject to veterinary surgeons’ professional ethics, which ensure that patients’ welfare is considered paramount and clients’ interests are considered important. The provision of veterinary services is also subject to market forces that can affect transactions between clients and veterinarians. Veterinary markets could encourage or permit welfare harms due to potential market variations, […]

A survey of animal welfare experts and practicing veterinarians to identify and explore key factors thought to influence canine and feline welfare in relation to veterinary care

Veterinary care is important for maintaining companion animal health; however, it also has the potential to impact other aspects of patient welfare. To investigate factors related to veterinary care that are likely to influence canine and feline welfare, animal welfare researchers, veterinarians with an expertise in animal welfare, and Canadian and American companion and mixed […]

Evaluation of a canine and feline behavioural welfare assessment tool for use in companion animal veterinary practice

Veterinary care can both positively and negatively impact animal welfare in terms of behavioural welfare. This occurs both in the veterinary clinic through interactions with patients and management of their stress, fear and aggression, and in the animal’s home through the provision of behaviour and training advice for behavioural management as a whole. An animal […]