Environmental and social influences on enclosure use and activity patterns of captive sloth bears (Ursus ursinus)

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430110607.abs Four adult sloth bears (Ursus ursinus) at the Los Angeles Zoo were studied for 13 months to quantify the influence of environmental and social variables on enclosure use and activity. Observations were conducted in 1-hr samples, using 1-min scans, for a total of 150 hr distributed across two seasons and three time periods. […]

The Influence of Visitors on Behaviour and on the Use of Space in Two Species of Ursids: a Management Question?

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Implementing unpredictability in feeding enrichment for Malayan sun bears (Helarctos malayanus)

Bears in the wild spend large proportions of time in foraging activities. In zoos their time budgets differ markedly from those of their wild counterparts. Feeding enrichment has been documented to increase foraging behavior and to reduce stereotypies. But in general these procedures have no long-term effects and result in habituation. As can be expected […]