Cetacean sleep: An unusual form of mammalian sleep

Our knowledge of the form of lateralized sleep behavior, known as unihemispheric slow wave sleep (USWS), seen in all members of the order Cetacea examined to date, is described. We trace the discovery of this phenotypically unusual form of mammalian sleep and highlight specific aspects that are different from sleep in terrestrialmammals.Wefind that for cetaceans […]

A behavioural study of sleep patterns in the malachite sunbird, Cape white-eye and fan-tailed widowbird

The function of sleep in birds is poorly understood, even though birds spend a large part of their lives sleeping. Sleep behaviour in passerine birds has not been looked at as extensively as that of nonpasserine birds. We looked at the sleep behaviour of three passerine birds occurring in southern Africa, namely the malachite sunbird, […]