Feeding status and basking requirements of freshwater turtles in an invasion context

Thermoregulatory behavior and feeding status are strongly related in ectotherms. A trade-off between maintenance of energy balance and digestion efficiency has been recently proposed to affect thermoregulation in these animals. On the other hand, competition for basking sites has been described between Iberian turtles and the introduced red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta elegans). T. scripta negatively […]

Effects of body temperature on righting performance of native and invasive freshwater turtles: Consequences for competition

Righting behavior of aquatic turtles might be subject to coadaptation pressures between preferred basking temperature and locomotion, given that it is mainly performed on land and may critically determine the survival of turtles. We analyzed the effect of body temperature (Tb) on righting performance of two species of freshwater turtles, the endangered native Spanish terrapin […]