Stereotypic behavior of circus tigers: Effects of performance

Little is knownabout the effects of performances on the behavior of animals used for entertainment in circuses. The objective of the study was to determine how one or three performances per day influenced the frequency of stereotypic behavior performed by circus tigers (n = 4) in their home cage, shortly before and after performances and […]

The effects of personality of keepers and tigers (Panthera tigris tigris) on their behaviour in an interactive zoo exhibit

Personalities can be determined for individual animals from their distinctive patterns of behaviour, providing that they are consistent across time and situations. Although there have been no previous studies of the role of personality in keeper:tiger interactions in zoos/wildlife parks, previous research has determined that cat personality can be reliably assessed from their attributed feelings […]

A preliminary assessment of how zoo visitors evaluate animal welfare according to enclosure style and the expression of behavior

Visitors to zoos make judgements about animal welfare on the basis of what they see during their visit. There has been a considerable amount of research and debate surrounding the use of enclosure style and/or animal behavior to act as indicators of animal welfare. There are assumptions, supported by some studies but contradicted by others, […]

The reduction of stereotypic pacing in tigers (Panthera tigris) by obstructing the view of neighbouring individuals

Until recently, little attention has been focused on the influence of social interactions and the presence of conspecifics on stereotypic pacing in captive carnivores. This study examined the effect of adding a visual barrier between two tiger (Panthera tigris) exhibits on stereotypic pacing behaviour. Continuous sampling was used to record the duration of time tigers […]

A comparative study of the influence of social housing conditions on the behaviour of captive tigers (Panthera tigris)

Nowadays, zoos are increasingly concerned with animal welfare as public expectations and knowledge of the needs of captive animals increases. Although many zoos try to provide all sorts of enrichment for their big cats, the importance of social enrichment is not yet fully understood. This study investigates the effect of different social housing conditions on […]

Inferential and visual analysis of ethogram data using multivariate techniques


Issues of captivity and conservation surrounding pantherine cats with a focus on the lion (Panthera leo) and the tiger (Panthera tigris)

Thousands of lions and tigers live in captivity in the United States, residing in zoos, private exhibits, sanctuaries, research facilities, and family homes. As a result of limited federal and state management of the captive exotic cats, the total combined population of lions and tigers in the United States is unknown but estimated to be […]