Studies of Temperature Regulation on Pika (Ochotona rufescens rufescens); An Old-fashioned Rabbit

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Sleep–wake study in an animal model of acute and chronic heat stress

The study of the variations in different parameters of sleep–wake states following exposure to high environmental heat in three different age groups of freely moving rats have been presented in this paper. Each age group of rats was subdivided in three group (i) acute heat stress — subjected to a single exposure for 4 h […]

Ambient temperature does not affect the tactile sensitivity of mystacial vibrissae in harbour seals

Vibrissae provide pinnipeds with tactile information primarily in the aquatic environment, which is characterized by its high thermal conductivity and large potential cooling power. Since studies of thermal effects on human tactile sensitivity have revealed that cooling below normal skin temperature impairs sensitivity, the present study investigates the tactile sensitivity of the vibrissal system of […]