Guidelines for the instrumentation of wild birds and mammals

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ETHOSYS (R)–new system for recording and analysis of behaviour of free-ranging domestic animals and wildlife

A storage telemetry system has been developed to monitor domestic animals and wildlife, and has been tested under variable conditions on sheep, Przewalski horse and mouflon. It can be used for automatic recording of different patterns of behaviour, such as activity and feeding, and is based on advanced analysis of sensor-emitted signals. The system is […]

Investigation of the sleep electrocorticogram of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) using radiotelemetry

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the use of a totally implantable radiotelemetry system for recording the sleep electrocorticogram (ECoG) of a small new world primate, the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) without restraint during data collection. METHODS: Under anaesthesia a telemetry transmitter, which allowed the recording of a single ECoG channel, was implanted intraperitoneally. This system allowed ECoG […]

First experiences with free-ranging giant day geckos (Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis, Gray 1870) in the masoala rainforest exhibit in Zurich Zoo, Switzerland

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20104.abs Sixty giant day geckos (Phelsuma madagascariensis grandis) have been introduced into the Masoala rainforest exhibit of Zurich Zoo. Eighteen geckos were monitored during a 3-month study using the telemetry method. In general, the geckos were able to adapt well under these semi-natural conditions of the exhibit. The geckos accessed to nearly all locations […]

Remote monitoring of parental incubation conditions in the greater sandhill crane

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430140209.abs To monitor incubation conditions in nests of greater sandhill cranes, a radiotrans-mitting egg was built using six temperature sensors, a position sensor, and a light sensor. Sensor readings were received, along with time of observations, and stored in a computer. The egg was used to monitor incubation in nests of six pairs of […]

The welfare impact of gavaging laboratory rats

Gavaging (oral dosing) has previously been shown to have only a short-term effect on behavioural parameters in the laboratory rat. The aim of this study was to determine if the gavaging of laboratory rats influenced their heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature, and if so, whether the duration of this impact correlated with the […]

Telemetry as a method for measuring the impact of housing conditions on rats’ welfare

Various tools have been developed over previous years to study the welfare of laboratory animals. These include preference tests, which are commonly used to evaluate housing environments. Preference tests, however, have some pitfalls: they supply information only on the animals’ present preferences, and they allow the animal the choice only between the options offered. Other […]

Clinical pathology and cardiovascular parameters are not influenced by housing rats under increased environmental complexity

Since the release of the revised Appendix A from the Council of Europe for housing of laboratory animals there have been claims that laboratory animals should be housed under more complex conditions; known popularly as enrichment. A number of studies have expressed concerns that this may increase uncontrollable variation in the animals, thereby creating the […]

Heart Rate Responses to Social Interactions in Free-Moving Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatto): A Pilot Study

Heart rate telemetry was explored as a means to access animal emotion during social interactions under naturalistic conditions.Heart rates of 2 middle-ranking adult females living in a large group of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatto) were recorded along with their behavior.Heart rate changes during 2 types of interactions were investigated, while controlling for the effects of […]

Dermatitis prompted by a collar employed in radio-telemetry monitoring

Technological advances, such as radio-telemetry, have been increasingly employed for animal monitoring because they can furnish important information regarding the ecology and behaviour of various species. However, during a study on semi-domiciled domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) conducted in an environmental protection area in Ilha Comprida, state of São Paulo, Brazil, we identified a case […]