We demand compromise: which achieves more, asking for small or large changes?

Welfare is the state of an animal on a continuum, from poor to good, so many decisions about it are decisions of degree, such as how much feed, space or environmental enrichment should be provided. Other decisions are more discrete, such as whether animals should be kept in cages. However, in practice, many such decisions […]

Individual Response Strategies in List Learning by Orangutans

Two orangutans learned eight lists of items in a recognition memory procedure that allowed the list items to be reported in any order. In a previous study using this same procedure, the orangutans developed a spatial response strategy that was applied to acquisition of novel lists. The purpose of the present study was to determine […]

Response strategies inlist learning by orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus × P. abelii)

Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) develop strategies to acquire and execute serial lists (K. B. Swartz & S. A. Himmanen, 2001). Serial probe recognition studies of list memory have demonstrated similarities across monkeys and humans (S. F. Sands & A. A. Wright, 1980). The present study extended the investigation of list learning and memory to determine […]

The development of a non-invasive behavioral model of thermal heat stress in laboratory mice (Mus musculus)

Background: Many behavioral and physiological studies of laboratory mice employ invasive methods such as radio telemetry to measure key aspects of behavior and physiology. Radio telemetry requires surgical implants, which may impact mouse health and behavior, and thus reduce the reliability of the data collected. New method: We developed a method to measure key aspects […]