Schedule-induced and operant mechanisms that influence response variability: A review and implications for future investigations

Response variability, a fundamental characteristic of behavior, may be in some cases an induced effect of reinforcement schedules. Research on schedule-induced response variability has shown that continuous reinforcement results in less variability than intermittent reinforcement schedules. Studies on the effects of intermittency of reinforcement, periodicity of reinforcement, and type of schedule have resulted in mixed […]

Pitch perception in chinchillas (Chinchilla laniger): Stimulus generalization using rippled noise

Rippled noises evoke the perception of pitch in human listeners. Infinitely iterated rippled noise (IIRN) is generated when wideband noise (WBN) is delayed, attenuated, and added to the original WBN through either a positive (+) or a negative (-) feedback loop. The pitch of IIRN[+] is matched to the reciprocal of the delay, whereas the […]