Assessing the Preference of Rabbit Does to Social Contact or Seclusion: Results of Different Investigations

The aim of this study was to verify the motivation of rabbit does to social contact or seclusion. The results of two different research activities assessed in Italy (experiment 1) and Germany (experiment 2) through the use of motivational cages are reported. In experiment 1, only the average time of occupation of the group or […]

A Tail of Two Monkeys: Social Housing for Nonhuman Primates in the Research Laboratory Setting

Despite great adaptability, most nonhuman primates require regular tactile contact with conspecifics for their psychological well being. By illustrating the inherent value of social contact and by providing clues to the best ways of satisfying this need, behavioral studies are useful in designing social enrichment programs. Although group housing is ideal for most gregarious primates, […]

Calves’ motivation for access to two different types of social contact measured by operant conditioning

Calves housed individually have little opportunity for social contact. However, performance of social behaviour may constitute a need in calves. Slopes of demand functions (demand elasticity), generated by operant conditioning techniques, are used to measure behavioural motivation of farm animals. A methodological discussion concerns the way social contact should be provided in operant conditioning studies. […]

Behaviour and Preferences Among Deep Litters in Captive Capuchin Monkeys (Cebus Capucinus)

A captive group of white-faced capuchins, Cebus capucinus, was presented with four deep litters in simultaneous choice (or preference) tests. A floor covering of ground corn cob, woodchips, wood wool or peat was presented once in each quarter of the group’s indoor floor-area for 14 consecutive days, and the layout of the litters was rotated […]

Rats Demand Social Contact

There is some evidence that rats benefit from social housing and from some forms of environmental enrichment, such as platforms and shelters. It is less clear whether they benefit from more spacious cages. There is a lack of information about the relative benefits of social contact, enrichment and increased space, because existing studies tend to […]