Survey of parasite control programs used in captive wild ruminants

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430090506.abs The purpose of this study was to document, through a mailed questionnaire survey, the methods of parasite control currently used in captive wild ruminants. There was a 69% overall response to the survey. The majority of respondents indicated that they used parasite surveillance and identification techniques similar to those used for domestic ruminants. […]

Environmental enrichment, immunocompetence, and resistance to Babesia microti in male mice

Groups of male CFLP mice housed in cages furnished with shelves and nestboxes showed increased aggression and reduced resistance to an experimental infection of Babesia microti when compared with groups in unfurnished cages. Both a bystander measure of immunocompetence (serum total IgG concentration) and resistance to B. microti decreased as the number of attacks received […]