Investigation of distances covered by fattening pigs measured with VideoMotionTracker®

The investigation was carried out with altogether 144 pigs kept in groups of 6 or 12. Every pen was equipped with perforated floor. Water and the in-house compound feed with different elements depending on the fattening period were available ad libitum during the whole fattening period. At the beginning of each fattening period all pigs […]

Effect of Unknown Relationships on Linearity, Steepness and Rank Ordering of Dominance Hierarchies: Simulation Studies Based on Data from Wild Monkeys

The presence of unknown dyadic relationships is a common problem in constructing dominance hierarchies for groups of social animals. Although previously acknowledged, the influence of unknown relationships on hierarchy measures like linearity and steepness has not been studied in detail. Using real data-sets from four groups of wild monkeys, we illustrate how unknown relationships affect […]