Transportation techniques for massive scleractinian corals

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10127.abs Transportation techniques for scleractinian corals have been described mainly for fragments and small colonies. As part of a recent study on captive sexual reproduction of the Caribbean species Montastrea annularis and Diploria strigosa, we transported relatively large (max. diameter of 21 cm), heavy (max. weight of 9,200 g) colonies of both species from […]

Opportunities for Public Aquariums to Increase the Sustainability of the Aquatic Animal Trade

The global aquatic pet trade encompasses a wide diversity of freshwater and marine organisms. While relying on a continual supply of healthy, vibrant aquatic animals, few sustainability initiatives exist within this sector. Public aquariums overlap this industry by acquiring many of the same species through the same sources. End users are also similar, as many […]