The development of fault bars in domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) increases with acute stressors and individual propensity: implications for animal welfare

Negative experiences during feather growth can result in fault bar formation. Fault bars are malformations perpendicular to the rachis of the feather caused by stressful experiences during feather growth. However, there are little data on the causal effect of psychological stress on the formation of fault bars in chickens. The objective of this study was […]

Effects of individual housing on behavior and resistance to Ehrlich tumor growth in mice

This study analyzed in Balb/C mice the effects of individual housing on behavior, serum corticosterone and resistance to Ehrlich tumor growth. Mice (60 days old) were individually (IH) or grouped housed (G) (10–12 animals/cage) for 14–21 days. The 1st day of the housing condition was considered experimental day 1 (ED1). Results showed that on ED21, […]