Dominance, pair bonds and boldness determine social-foraging tactics in rooks, Corvus frugilegus

Socially foraging animals can search for resources themselves (produce) or exploit the discoveries made by others (scrounge). The extensive literature on producer–scrounger dynamics has mainly focused on scramble competition over readily accessible resources, thereby largely neglecting the variety of scrounging techniques individuals may use as well as the role of investment in food handling. Furthermore, […]

The influence of siblings on body condition in a social spider: is prey sharing cooperation or competition?

Siblings living together compete with each other for resources, yet they may also cooperate to maximize their inclusive fitness. In social spiders, siblings share prey and may both compete and cooperate to obtain this resource. In the laboratory, the social huntsman spider, Delena cancerides, readily shares prey captured by other colony members; however, these spiders […]