What time is feeding?: How delays and anticipation of feeding schedules affect stump-tailed macaque behavior

Everyday animal care routines are essential to an animal’s physical well-being, but the effects of husbandry routines on the animals’ psychological well-being are not often considered. The scheduling of animal care routines may have an important impact on how they are perceived by the animals involved. It was the objective of this study to assess […]

Utility of social network analysis for primate behavioral management and well-being

New management strategies for detecting social instabilities and promoting social cohesion are needed to reduce aggression based morbidity and mortality among captive groups of rhesus macaques. This study was conducted to determine the utility of social network analysis for deciphering patterns of aggression and wounding in rhesus macaques. Over 37,000 observations of affiliative, submissive and […]