Turkeys prefer fluorescent light with supplementary ultraviolet radiation

Turkeys are usually reared under incandescent or fluorescent lamps which emit minimal radiation in the ultraviolet region. Because turkeys have the capacity to be visually sensitive to ultraviolet radiation (UV), this possibly makes such light sources unsuited to the visual ecology of turkeys. Previous work showed that providing UV in conjunction with straw and visual […]

How should the psychological well-being of zoo elephants be objectively investigated?

Animal welfare (sometimes termed ‘‘well-being’’) is about feelings – states such as ‘‘suffering’’ or ‘‘contentment’’ that we can infer but cannot measure directly. Welfare indices have been developed from two main sources: studies of suffering humans, and of research animals deliberately subjected to challenges known to affect emotional state. We briefly review the resulting indices […]

Control, Choice, and Assessments of the Value of Behavioral Management to Nonhuman Primates in Captivity

Many people have devoted considerable effort to enhancing the environments of nonhuman primates in captivity. There is substantial motivation to develop experimental, analytical, and interpretational frameworks to enable objective measurements of the value of environmental enrichment/behavioral management efforts. The consumer- demand approach is a framework not frequently implemented in studies of nonhuman primate welfare but […]

Science-based assessment of animal welfare: farm animals

Animal welfare is to do with the feelings experienced by animals: the absence of strong negative feelings, usually called suffering, and (probably) the presence of positive feelings, usually called pleasure. In any assessment of welfare, it is these feelings that should be assessed. Because feelings are subjective, they cannot be investigated directly. However, there are […]

Effects of rubberized flooring on Asian elephant behavior in captivity

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.20119.abs Six Asian elephants at the Oregon Zoo were observed to determine the effects of a poured rubber flooring substrate on captive Asian elephant behavior. Room utilization also was evaluated in seven rooms used for indoor housing, including Front and Back observation areas. Data were collected in three phases. Phase I (Baseline Phase) examined […]

Duiker food selection: Palatability trials using natural foods in the Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10021.abs Cafeteria-style palatability feeding trials were conducted with captive duikers in the Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo. Blue duikers (Cephalophus monticola; n = 3), and white-bellied duikers (C. leucogaster; n = 3), were offered unlimited amounts of paired foods in two experiments consisting of 20 feeding trials each. Five different foods, including fruits […]

Using motivation to feed as a way to assess the importance of space for broiler chickens

This paper describes a novel combination of feeding motivation and spatial preference testing. We used the feeding motivation test to determine a [`]low’ barrier height that broiler chickens, Gallus gallus domesticus, that were not food deprived would cross to get to food, and a [`]high’ barrier height that food-deprived chickens would cross to get to […]

Effects of domestication on filial motivation and imprinting in chicks: comparison of red junglefowl and White Leghorns

Domestication has been reported to reduce learning ability and to alter social behaviour. We compared the development of filial behaviour of domestic chickens, Gallus gallus domesticus, and the ancestral red junglefowl, Gallus gallus. We investigated the tendency of naïve chicks to approach conspicuous stimuli, as a measure of filial motivation, and the development of a […]

Preferences for toy types and presentations in kennel housed dogs

Toys are often provided for adult dogs housed in kennels, but their effectiveness as environmental enrichment is not well documented. At a minimum, toys need to elicit interest in the animal for which they are intended, before any “enrichment” can be claimed. In this study we have examined short-term preferences for toys with a range […]

Preferences of sheep for different types of pen flooring

In countries where the climate makes it practical with indoor housing during cold periods of the year and access to straw is limited, e.g. Iceland and Norway, housing of sheep on slats or expanded metal floors is common practice. However, European regulations for organic farming require that all animals should have access to a lying […]