Assessment of positive welfare: A review

As a complement to the concentration on negative states in welfare science, scientists are increasingly considering the desirability of measuring positive outcomes. Since evaluation of an animal’s mental state is a critical goal for welfare assessment, considerations of both positive feelings (what an animal ‘‘likes’’) and resources that an animal is motivated to obtain (what […]

A note on reward-related behaviour and emotional expressions in farmed silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes)–Basis for a novel tool to study animal welfare

The present study aimed to investigate the profile and quantitative aspects of reward-related behaviour and emotional expressions during anticipation of positive (predictable or various unpredictable) or negative (predictable) rewards in a Pavlovian trace conditioning paradigm in farmed silver foxes. When anticipating a positive reward, silver foxes were more active, performed more stereotypical behaviour, had more […]

Development and testing of a novel instrument to measure health-related quality of life (HRQL) of farmed pigs and promote welfare enhancement (Part 1)

Health-related quality of life (HRQL) was defined for farmed animals and identified as an appropriate focus of integrative welfare measurement for farmed pigs that embraces measurement of positive welfare. The instrument for HRQL measurement was developed specifically for use by farmers and stockpersons, the prime carers of pigs, to increase ownership of welfare improvement amongst […]

Using technology to monitor and improve zoo animal welfare

While the international zoological community is committed to enhancing the welfare of individual animals, researchers have yet to take full advantage of the tools available for non-invasively tracking behavioural and physiological indicators of welfare. We review technology currently being applied in studies of zoo, farm and laboratory animals to regularly monitor welfare status, as well […]

Adult-adult social play in captive chimpanzees: Is it indicative of positive animal welfare?

Play is sometimes considered as an indicator of positive animal welfare. However, it is not yet sufficiently understood whether or not social play among adults can be considered as such an indicator because it is rare in adult animals. This study investigates the factors that influence social play in adult captive chimpanzees in order to […]