Melatonin promotes sleep in three species of diurnal nonhuman primates

Nocturnal melatonin secretion is concurrent with consolidated sleep episodes in diurnal mammals and physiological melatonin levels can promote sleep onset in humans and in pigtail macaques. In order to further investigate the effects of melatonin treatment on sleep parameters in diurnal nonhuman primates, three macaque species have been studied: Macaca nemestrina, Macaca fascicularis, and Macaca […]

Alopecia in three macaque species housed in a laboratory environment

Alopecia is a persistent problem in captive macaque populations and despite recent interest, no factors have been identified that can unequivocally explain the presence of alopecia in a majority of cases. Seasonal, demographic, and environmental factors have been identified as affecting alopecia presentation in rhesus macaques, the most widely studied macaque species. However, few studies […]