Factors facilitating research: a survey of zoo and aquarium professionals

Abstract The purpose of this survey was to assess the background, training, and perceptions of professionals conducting and coordinating research at North American zoos and aquariums accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and to identify the factors they considered critical to successful scientific programs. We analyzed responses to a 57-item questionnaire from […]

Second and Third-Generation Zoo Exhibits: A Comparison of Visitor, Staff, and Animal Responses

The present study compared visitor, staff, and animal responses to two second-generation and two third-generation exhibits that displayed the same species of animals-Bornean orangutans and Pigmy chimpanzees-at the San Diego Zoo. Four methods were used to assess responses to the two types of exhibits: behavior mapping, timing, a visitor questionnaire, and staff interviews. Attitudinal measures […]

People’s Perceptions of Animals: The Influence of Zoo Environment

Eleven semantic differential scales were developed to assess the effects of contextual setting on peoples’ perceptions of animals. The scales were given to subjects viewing slides of eight species of animals in either the wild, naturalistic zoo, or caged zoo environments. A control group, which saw no slides, also rated the animals. The ratings on […]

Perception is reality : processing

Understanding consumers’ perceptions of animal welfare is becoming increasingly important to livestock industries as they try to communicate their products. Many questions arise within livestock agriculture when trying to implement production systems that are acceptable socially and financially.

Perceptions of Social Responsibility of Prominent Animal Welfare Groups

ABSTRACTNonhuman animal welfare is an increasingly important component of consumer expectations of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The extent to which prominent animal welfare or protection organizations may influence people?s perceptions of food industry CSR may be related to an organization?s perceived social responsibility. Data from an online survey of 300 U.S. residents were used to […]