The Effects of Visitor Density and Intensity on the Behavior of Two Captive Jaguars (Panthera onca)

Several researchers have reported significant effects of visitor density and intensity on captive animal behavior. This study determined whether this was the case for 2 captive jaguars housed at the Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA. Subjects were monitored for changes in behavior as a function of visitor density and intensity. The jaguars were observed for […]

Quality vs. quantity: Assessing the visibility of the jaguars housed at Chester Zoo, UK

To fulfill an educational or visitor-related role in the zoo’s collection, a species needs to be visible to the visiting public. However, this may not always be achievable for animals housed in naturalistic enclosures, particularly species which are highly camouflaged and have an elusive nature, such as jaguars. Four jaguars housed at Chester Zoo (UK) […]