Dosage trials with transmucosal carfentanil citrate in non-human primates

Abstract 10.1002/(SICI)1098-2361(1999)18:53.3.CO;2-L The traditional method of immobilizing non-human primates involves remote-delivery injection of anesthetic agents. Orally delivered, transmucosally absorbed opioids have been shown to be a non-stressful alternative method of pre-anesthetic drug administration in children and adults [Stanley et al., 1989]. This report describes several cases using transmucosal carfentanil in non-human primates to determine whether […]

Refining dosing by oral gavage in the dog: A protocol to harmonise welfare

AbstractIntroduction The dog is a frequently-used, non-rodent species in the safety assessment of new chemical entities. We have a scientific and ethical obligation to ensure that the best quality of data is achieved from their use. Oral gavage is a technique frequently used to deliver a compound directly into the stomach. As with other animals, […]