Energetics of molt in penguins


Hormonal correlations at transition from reproduction to molting in an annual life cycle of Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti)

To understand the hormonal mechanism behind a unique strategy of breeding and molting in Humboldt penguins, six pairs of captive Humboldt penguins kept in an outdoor open display pen were observed and blood collected weekly for a year. They all molted between the middle of June and the middle of August within 10 days except […]

Does prolactin mediate parental and life-history decisions in response to environmental conditions in birds? A review

This article is part of a Special Issue “Parental Care”. In vertebrates, adjustments of physiology and behavior to environmental changes are often mediated by central physiological mechanisms, and more specifically by hormonal mechanisms. As a consequence, these mechanisms are thought to orchestrate life-history decisions in wild vertebrates. For instance, investigating the hormonal regulation of parental […]