New Caledonian crows’ responses to mirrors

Recent mirror studies with two corvid species have reported contrasting findings. Jungle crows, Corvus macrorhynchos, showed no self-contingent behaviour when confronted with mirrors, whereas Eurasian magpies, Pica pica, reportedly passed the ‘mark’ test for self-recognition. We investigated mirror-induced behaviour in wild-caught New Caledonian crows, Corvus moneduloides. We first documented the response of 10 naïve crows […]

Behavioral effects of an immunocontraceptive vaccine on eastern fox squirrels

Managing pest species in urban and suburban areas is challenging, and contraception may provide a socially acceptable and effective management option for many species. The immunocontraceptive vaccine, GonaCon, effectively inhibits reproduction in many species of wildlife, but the behavioral effects are not yet well understood. Contraceptive-induced changes in behavior could raise animal welfare concerns and […]