Butting by calves,Bos taurus, and rate of milk flow

During nursing, the young of many ungulates butt at their dams’ udder, which has been hypothesized to reflect difficulty obtaining milk. We investigated the effect of manipulating milk flow rate on the butting behaviour of domestic calves sucking milk from an artificial teat. The lowest rate of butting during nutritive sucking occurred with the fastest […]

Group housing with electronically controlled crates for lactating sows. Effect on farrowing, suckling and activity behavior of sows and piglets

The aim of the present study was the analysis of behavioral parameters of sows and piglets in two different farrowing systems. Data of 132 crossbred-sows were collected. Conventional single housing with farrowing crates (SH) was compared to a group housing system (GH) with six single pens, electronically controlled gates (ear tag) and a shared running […]