Lighting requirements of nocturnal primates in captivity: A chronobiological approach

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430080209.abs From the results of chronobiological studies in 11 Aotus lemurinus (trivirgatus) griseimembra, 3 Galago garnettii, 5 Galago senegalensis, and 6 Microcebus murinus, inferences can be made on the most suitable lighting conditions for nocturnal primates kept in captivity. In each species studied light controls the daily periodic course of activity in a dual […]

Experimental evidence for olfactory predator recognition in wild mouse lemurs

Abstract Although primates have remarkable olfactory capabilities, their ability for olfactory predator recognition is still understudied. We investigated this cognitive ability in wild gray and golden-brown mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus and M. ravelobensis) that were confronted with four different olfactory stimuli, derived from two Malagasy predators (fossa and barn owl) and two local nonpredator species […]