Zoo Research Guidelines: Project Planning and Behavioural Observations


Zoo Research Guidelines: Behavioural Profiling


Pilot Study Investigation of the Bongo Antelope Population and Forest Clearings of the Mombongo Region, Northern Congo


Applying the Heat to Research Techniques for Species Conservation


Measuring Animal Welfare

Book reviews of 1. Stress and Animal Welfare by Broom and Johnson, 2. Animal Welfare: A Cool Eye Toward Eden by Webster.

Zoo Research Guidelines: Monitoring Stress in Zoo Animals


A user’s guide to animal welfare science

Here, I provide a guide for those new to the burgeoning field of animal welfare science as to what this comprehensive, relatively young discipline is all about. Drawing on all branches of biology, including behavioural ecology and neuroscience, the science of animal welfare asks three big questions: Are animals conscious? How can we assess good […]

The Science of Animal Suffering

Can suffering in non-human animals be studied scientifically? Apart from verbal reports of subjective feelings, which are uniquely human, I argue that it is possible to study the negative emotions we refer to as suffering by the same methods we use in ourselves. In particular, by asking animals what they find positively and negatively reinforcing […]

Using Data Collected for Production or Economic Purposes to Research Production Animal Welfare: An Epidemiological Approach

Epidemiologists use the analyses of large data sets collected for production or economic purposes to research production nonhuman animal welfare issues in the commercial setting. This approach is particularly useful if the welfare issue is rare or hard to reproduce. However, to ensure the information is accurate, it is essential to carefully validate these data. […]

Understanding animal welfare

In debates about the welfare of animals, different people have tended to emphasize different concerns. Some emphasize the basic health and functioning of animals, especially freedom from disease and injury. Others emphasize the “affective states” of animals – states like pain, distress and pleasure that are experienced as positive or negative. Others emphasize the ability […]