Plasma tocopherol, retinol, and carotenoid concentrations in free-ranging Humboldt penguins (Spheniscus humboldti) in Chile

Abstract 10.1002/(SICI)1098-2361(1996)15:23.3.CO;2-L Plasma retinol and α-tocopherol concentrations were measured in heparinized blood samples collected from 51 free-ranging adult Humboldt penguins (Sphenicus humboldti) residing at two colonies off the Chilean coast. Thirty samples were collected in April 1992 from penguins inhabiting the Ex-islote de los Pájaros Niños in Algarrobo, Chile. In September 1992, 21 samples were […]

Diseases acquired by captive penguins: What happens when they are released into the wild?

The possibility of diseases being picked up by penguins and other birds during captivity and the effects which could follow if such birds are released into the wild are discussed. Ways of mitigating such problems are suggested for the African Penguin Spheniscus demersus.

Management of penguin populations in North American zoos and aquariums

The North American zoo community has made great strides towards collaborating in the management of captive penguins on the subcontinent. Organized captive management programmes such as that of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association Species Survival Plan (SSP) and Penguin Taxonomic Advisory Group (TAG) have enhanced the zoo community’s ability to contribute to penguin conservation […]