The “male effect” in sheep and goats: a review of the respective roles of the two olfactory systems

In sheep and goats, exposure of seasonally anestrous females to sexually active males results in activation of luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion and synchronized ovulation. This phenomenon is named “the male effect” and seems to constitute a major factor in the control of reproductive events. This effect depends mostly on olfactory cues and is largely mimicked […]

Male goat vocalizations stimulate the estrous behavior and LH secretion in anestrous goats that have been previously exposed to bucks

We investigated whether live vocalizations emitted by bucks interacting with anestrous females stimulate secretion of LH, estrous behavior and ovulation in anestrous goats. In experiment 1, bucks rendered sexually active by exposure to long days followed by natural photoperiod were exposed in a light-proof-building to five anestrous females. Buck vocalizations were reproduced through a microphone-amplifier-loudspeaker […]