Mood and anxiety disorders in chimpanzees (pan troglodytes): A response to Rosati et al. (2012)

Assessing the psychological health of nonhuman primates living in captivity is essential, since many experiments and behavioral observations involve captive animals. This area is a research priority because it has ethical consequences, in addition to its applications for understanding human and nonhuman primate behavior. In 2011, we published our international study’s findings that chimpanzees with […]

Attenuation of social interaction-associated ultrasonic vocalizations and spatial working memory performance in rats exposed to chronic unpredictable stress

Exposure to unpredictable chronic mild stress (CUS) is a commonly used protocol in rats that is reported to evoke antidepressant-reversible behaviors such as loss of preference for a sweetened water solution which is taken as an analog of the anhedonia seen in major depression. However, the induction of anhedonic-like behavior by chronic mild stress, gauged […]