Mixed support for state maintaining risky personality traits in yellow-bellied marmots

In a variety of taxa, individuals behave in consistently different ways. However, there are relatively few studies that empirically test the potential mechanisms underlying the causes and maintenance of these personality differences. Several hypotheses for the causes and maintenance of risky personality traits have been suggested but all have received mixed support. Both the pace-of-life […]

Estimation of protein requirement for maintenance in adult parrots (Amazona spp.) by determining inevitable N losses in excreta

Especially in older pet birds, an unnecessary overconsumption of protein – presumably occurring in human custody – should be avoided in view of a potential decrease in the excretory organs’ (liver, kidney) efficiency. Inevitable nitrogen (N)-losses enable the estimation of protein requirement for maintenance, because these losses have at least to be replaced to maintain […]

Keeping and breeding the rescued Sunda pangolins (Manis javanica) in captivity

The Sunda pangolin (Manis javanica Desmarest, 1822) is a Critically Endangered species. Given that this species lacks effective policies for in situ conservation and prevention of poaching in the wild, ex situ conservation and a captive breeding program are urgently needed to save this species from extinction. However, techniques for the maintenance and captive breeding […]