Proceptive calling by female lion-tailed macaques

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430090605.abs During 6 years of monitoring breeding groups of lion-tailed macaques, it was discovered that females regularly emitted a non-copulatory vocalization during the follicular portion of the menstrual cycle. In the majority of cases females focused visually on a particular male when calling. Two-thirds of all calls were directed at males living outside the […]

Status and reproductive potential of lion-tailed macaques in captivity

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430080503.abs Publication of a studbook for Macaca silenus in 1983 provides detailed demographic information on the captive North American population. These data indicate that females reach sexual maturity at about 4 years of age, whereas onset of reproduction for males occurs at age 5. One-third of all sexually mature females and 57% of sexually […]

Effect of food preparation on feeding behavior of lion-tailed macaques

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.1430080108.abs Ten group-living lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus), accustomed to receiving fruits and vegetable items of the diet in chopped form, were given these same foods in whole form to compare reactions to the non-nutritional properties of food. Contrary to common belief, the access of individuals to the different food items was not equalized through […]