Providing cross-species comparisons of animal welfare with a scientific basis

Animal welfare issues may involve different species and require decision-makers to compare welfare across species. Up to now applied ethologists have largely ignored questions involving cross-species comparisons. This paper discusses the question whether cross-species comparisons about animal welfare can be provided with a scientific basis, i.e., based on scientific arguments. The arguments pro and contra […]

What do veterinarians mean by animal welfare? Evidence of an empirical study

The issue of animal welfare in intensive livestock production systems has been subjected to increasing attention from the wider public. Representatives from politics, media and the public discuss about the improvement of animal welfare standards. The opinion of veterinarians is perceived with little attention. As a result, there is little information about veterinarians’ attitudes towards […]

Determinants of Individual Attitudes Toward Animal Welfare-Friendly Food Products

Animal welfare involves societal and human values, ethical concerns and moral considerations since it incorporates the belief of what is right or what is wrong in animal treatment and care. This paper aims to ascertain whether the different dimensions of individual attitudes toward animal welfare in food choices may be characterized by general human values, […]