Physical intuitions about support relations in monkeys (Macaca fuscata) and apes (Pan troglodytes)

Nonhuman primates, like humans, have demonstrated various physical intuitions. Cacchione and Krist (2004) examined chimpanzees’ intuitions about support relations with the violation-of-expectation task. They reported that the chimpanzees possessed intuitions about support, but their intuitions differed from those of humans in part; they were sensitive to “contact/no-contact” and “amount of contact” but not “type of […]

Recognizing Impossible Object Relations: Intuitions About Support in Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

Using looking-time measures, the authors examined untrained chimpanzees’ (Pan troglodytes) ability to distinguish between adequate and inadequate support. In 3 experiments, the chimpanzees’ sensitivity to different support relations between 2 objects was assessed. In each experiment, the chimpanzees saw a possible and an impossible test event, presented as digital video clips. Looking times in the […]