Behavioral, cardiac and cortisol responses to brief peer separation and reunion in cattle

Behavioral, cardiac, and adrenal responses of heifers to short-term isolation and to subsequent reunion with familiar or nonfamiliar conspecifics were measured. Two groups of heifers were studied according to their different social reactivity: Aubrac heifers (n=12) reared under suckler conditions and Friesian heifers (n=12) reared under dairy management. Because these two groups could also react […]

Responses of slaughter pigs to transport and lairage sounds

The behavioral and physiological responses of pigs to transport and subsequent exposure to slaughterhouse sounds were examined. Forty-one groups of four slaughter pigs were separately loaded onto a lorry and transported for 25 min. Another 43 groups were loaded onto the lorry which then remained stationary for 25 min. Following unloading pigs were moved to […]