Animal welfare and ethical issues relevant to the humane control of vertebrate pests

Vertebrate pests and pest control impact on people, animals and the environment, so any ethical consideration of vertebrate pest control must incorporate the interests of all three. The necessity of intervention, whether it involves killing animals or not, must be properly evaluated. Justification for pest control is only tenable if all of the negative impacts […]

Animal Welfare, Animal Rights: The Past, the Present, and the 21st Century

Enactment of animal welfare legislation and the characteristics these laws have taken parallel the evolution of the animal welfare and humane movement. As we move into the 21st century, zoological collections, wildlife management activities, and the entire spectrum of captive animal management will be challenged to meet new standards.

United States Department of Agriculture: building bridges through innovative animal well-being initiatives

Animal well-being issues are addressed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through a variety of agencies and in various formats. Most farmers are good stewards of their animals and will raise them according to societal demands as supported by market choices. Management standards that are perceived to improve upon current practices are being […]

The science of animal welfare and its relevance to whales

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Animal Welfare: Stress, Global Issues, and Perspectives

Abstract Animal welfare impacts the global food supply. Defining animal welfare and stress/distress are a challenge and a topic for argument. Definitions of animal welfare range from how the animal feels to how it performs in a given environment. Europe and the United States have some animal welfare laws but the rest of the world […]