Paving the way for farm animal welfare in international relations: an EU-Brazil case study

As a sensitive area in international trade, animal welfare measures have encountered resistance in negotiations at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Consequently, alternative avenues have been pursued to reach international trade policy convergence. To further understand the contemporary trade politics of animal welfare, an empirical investigation was conducted on the interplay between European and Brazilian […]

Analysis of animal monitoring technologies in Germany from an innovation system perspective

In order to address societal demands (e.g., animal welfare, traceability, environmental aspects), animal monitoring (AM) technologies provide much potential for innovation in animal production. AM means the real time and on-going automatic monitoring by ‘smart’ sensors of physiological, growth and behaviour parameters of individual farming animals, integrated in various areas (e.g., animal milking, feeding, breeding, […]

National aspirations, governance networks and the development of Canada’s animal welfare movement

This article discusses the establishment of governance networks related to animal welfare and rights. Situating the animal welfare movement relative to processes of nation-building in British North America and Canada during the nineteenth century, it shows how the movement’s proponents struggled and failed repeatedly to translate the considerable interest that was expressed locally in cities […]