Outbreak of Mycobacterium marinum infection among captive snakes and bullfrogs

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10022.abs Since 1985 mycobacterial infection has been observed occasionally among snakes and bullfrogs housed in the Wisconsin exhibit at the Milwaukee Zoo. Prospective screening of animals was initiated in September 1990, after two cases occurred in March and June 1990. Overall, of 47 animals that were housed in the exhibit from 1981 through its […]

Genetic differences for behaviour in juveniles from two strains of brown trout suggest an effect of domestication history

Because captivity constitutes a drastic environmental change, domestication is expected to induce a rapid genetic selection for behavioural traits. In this study, we searched for genetic differences in behaviour among brown trout juveniles from two strains differing for their domestication history, i.e. an almost pure native wild Mediterranean population (W) and an Atlantic domesticated strain […]

Equine behavioral enrichment toys as tools for non-invasive recovery of viral and host DNA

Direct collection of samples from wildlife can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Non-invasive remote sampling for the purpose of DNA extraction is a potential tool for monitoring the presence of wildlife at the individual level, and for identifying the pathogens shed by wildlife. Equine herpesviruses (EHV) are common pathogens of equids that can be fatal […]