An Assessment of Welfare Conditions in Wildlife Markets across Morocco

The welfare of wild-caught animals in markets has generally been overlooked by both wildlife trade and welfare studies, despite the potential negative impacts on the animals. Morocco is a member of the World Organisation for Animal Health and has proposed draft legislation prohibiting mistreatment or abuse of animals in captivity. There is still, however, a […]

Effect of lameness in pigs in terms of “five freedoms”

Measuring Animal Welfare

Book reviews of 1. Stress and Animal Welfare by Broom and Johnson, 2. Animal Welfare: A Cool Eye Toward Eden by Webster.

The use of conjoint analysis to determine the importance of factors that affect on-farm welfare of the dairy cow

A large range of variables can affect the welfare of the dairy cow, making it difficult to assess the overall ‘level of welfare’ of the individual animal. Two groups of individuals completed a questionnaire based upon the ‘five freedoms’: 26 respondents had expertise either in the field of dairy cow welfare or as practicing veterinary […]


Abstract This article highlights some of the complex issues associated with animal welfare in livestock production and provides background and information important to the understanding of animal welfare. The article begins with a review of the philosophical approaches to animal use, followed by an exploration of the science of animal welfare, what constitutes good and […]

The Contribution of Broiler Chicken Welfare Certification at Farm Level to Enhancing Overall Animal Welfare: The Case of Brazil

The intensification of farm animal welfare debate has led to an increasing number of certification schemes covering this issue; however, there are concerns about the contribution of these schemes in improving welfare. The aims of this study were to identify certification schemes for broiler chicken welfare at farm level in Brazil, to investigate the extent […]

Perceptions of Equid Well Being Well-Being in South Dakota

ABSTRACTIn South Dakota, the status of equid well being is relatively unknown. This study sought to (a) gain understanding about the current perceptions of nonhuman animal well being in South Dakota, with an emphasis on horses and other equids; (b) determine the level of care equids are reportedly receiving and the perceived challenges to equine […]