ETHOSYS (R)–new system for recording and analysis of behaviour of free-ranging domestic animals and wildlife

A storage telemetry system has been developed to monitor domestic animals and wildlife, and has been tested under variable conditions on sheep, Przewalski horse and mouflon. It can be used for automatic recording of different patterns of behaviour, such as activity and feeding, and is based on advanced analysis of sensor-emitted signals. The system is […]

Spatial memory of sheep at pasture

We studied how sheep learn the distribution of sites with a preferred food at pasture. Pellets in flat-bottomed bowls were used as the preferred food. Nothing distinguished the bowls from the surrounding environment, but the animals could use distal landmarks to orient. Groups of three ewes were tested once a day for 30 min over […]

Effect of feed and environmental enrichment on development of stereotypic wire-gnawing in lab mice

At 21 days of age, 16 pairs of male laboratory mice of the ICR strain were weaned and allocated to four treatment groups in a 2×2 factorial design matched for genetic background (litter) and body weight. Factor one was the hardness of the food pellets with a significant 2.5-fold difference between soft and hard feed. […]