Elephant sociality and complexity: The scientific evidence


Ontogeny of playful contact in a social mongoose, the Meerkat, Suricata suricatta

Playful contact interaction within a captive family of six meerkats was observed using a rotating focal animal observation method over a 5-month period. Ten interaction patterns are described. The mother interacted playfully with her family members at a low rate while the father and young initeracted together far more than with the mother. The parents […]

Changing Conceptions of Care Humanization of the Companion Animal-Human Relationship

This paper explores the changing nature of companion animal-human relationships in Britain over the past 30 years. This period has seen rapid change in attitudes and practices towards companion animals, with notable advances in medical treatment, nutrition, and understanding of non-human animal behavior, as well as re-evaluations of the position of animals within the home. […]