Immunocontraception of captive exotic species. III. Contraception and population management of fallow deer (Cervus dama)

Abstract 10.1002/zoo.10081.abs Immunocontraception has become an increasingly valuable tool in the population management of captive exotic ungulates. Although porcine zona pellucida vaccine (PZP) was used successfully in other cervids, a previous study with fallow deer (Cervus dama) suggested that the vaccine did not work in this species. In the current study, PZP was tested in […]

Personality and foraging decisions in fallow deer, Dama dama

Recent studies have examined the ecological and evolutionary bases for variation in animal personality. However, only a few such studies have examined how foraging parameters are influenced by different personality domains. In wild ungulates, the trade-off between the time spent on food intake and antipredator behaviour differs between individuals, but the underlying reason for this […]

Behavioural Responses of Park Red and Fallow Deer to Disturbance and Effects on Population Performance

Within two London parks, Richmond and Bushy, both subject to high public visitor pressure, behavioural observations were undertaken to investigate patterns of habitat use by red and fallow deer populations, and to determine the response of the deer to human disturbance. Potentially disturbing events were considered as: i. people present within a distance of < […]

Win, lose or draw: a comparison of fight structure based on fight conclusion in the fallow deer

Fights between male fallow deer (Dama dama) may conclude with the contest decisively resolved in favour of one animal (the winner), or, there may be an inconclusive resolution, in which case there is no winner. We sought to compare the structure of fights between male fallow deer in order to determine what factors might be […]

Personality and predictability in fallow deer fighting behaviour: the relationship with mating success

Individuals often differ from each other in how they respond to environmental events: a feature of behaviour often termed animal personality. Furthermore, animals often show unpredictability in how much they respond to these events over time leading to the suggestion that personality and intraindividual variability (IIV) might have important fitness consequences. We investigated this hypothesis […]