Sexual segregation in rockhopper penguins during incubation

Many animals show sex differences in foraging behaviour, which can be related to sex-specific size dimorphism, avoidance of intersexual competition for depletable resources or different energetic requirements of males and females. In southern rockhopper penguins, Eudyptes chrysocome, both sexes differ in their roles during breeding, which leads to differences in their energetic requirements. We therefore […]

Sex Identification of Four Penguin Species Using Locus-Specific PCR

Traditional methods for sex identification are not applicable to sexually monomorphic species, leading to difficulties in the management of their breeding programs. To identify sex in sexually monomorphic birds, molecular methods have been established. Two established primer pairs (2550F/2718R and p8/p2) amplify the CHD1 gene region from both the Z and W chromosomes. Here, we […]